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Monday, February 01, 2010

Words we may never hear, The entire PCB should resign or be fired, Aitezaz coming to the rescue?

Pakistan selector Iqbal Qasim quits over Australia tour. the whole board should resign
Pakistan does not want to control Afghanistan: Kayani it has enough issues controlling exisiting borders
Providing speedy justice our duty: Chief Justice - so there is hopr for the Asghar Khan letter?
Only impeachment can remove President: Aitzaz - coming to the rescue once again?
Sharif decides not to contest poll from NA 123
- unless they repeal the third time law.
Afridi apologises for ‘ball biting’ - banish him for 2 years and enrol him in anger mamanagement. he is a disgrace, no mater how talented.

Javed Masud: Can we then learn from Korea? The short answer is, perhaps, not. The fault lines in our governance, in our work ethics, in our individual and collective commitment, and above all, in our attitudes have continued to widen overtime and are now at a point that a miracle is required for a sustainable turnaround. But our faith-healers continue to assure us that miracles do happen.

Words we may never hear —Dr Syed Mansoor Hussain

We in Pakistan cannot, under any acceptable scenario, either conquer Kashmir or wave the Pakistani flag on the Red Fort in Delhi. If once we accept these facts, then we can perhaps divert some of our limited national resources towards national development


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