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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

gold fish

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the surgeon general should warn one and all
hear ye! hear ye! google alerts are bad
for peace of mind - they herald news of wars
and calamities where innocence
is repeatedly raped and manhandled
women and children go in shock or worse
while they shop in bazaars or rest in homes
drones from distant lands rain death
the suicidal houri-seeker though
is very much local and no denizen
of lahore, kabul, peshawar, tehran
mumbai, new york, or london is safe

the collusion of friendly uncles
sam and osama company limited
global partners in death and destruction
their collusion and the circle of violence
swallows the young and enriches the rich
eisenhower called this the MIC
the shrinking Raj left troubles in its wake
for the MNC elders to profit
as the killing machines got better
their balance, mansions and yachts got bigger

the only way to be dismissive
and be happy is to be a gold fish
her alleged three second attention span
spells for me carefree happiness
but i cannot swim, i cannot swim...


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