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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anjum Niaz: Zardari Missed the Boat

And did you know that the NRO is dead?

When did the death occur? Oh, just a couple of months after it was born on October 5, 2007, according Justice Ramday. Hello, the PPP and MQM leaders still clutching the NRO card 'get-out-of-jail-free' gifted by Musharraf 16 months ago can face conviction. Not Asif Ali Zardari though. He enjoys presidential immunity.

Do we need a Jesus Christ kind of Lazarus resurrection? Who can resurrect this short-lived ordinance? There are two ways to do it, says Justice Ramday. First, if this parliament validates the November 3 Martial Law by Musharraf, the NRO will automatically revive. The second way (morally better) is for the parliament to make the defunct NRO an act. A simple majority will do it.

As an act of the parliament, the NRO will be indestructible. Bye-bye Supreme Court. PPP breathe easy. The Iftikhar Chaudhrys of this world will be powerless to undo the NRO when made an act. Why then the slugfest? Zardari's two ninjas: Law Minister Naek and Attorney General Khosa have taken the high road against the deposed Iftikhar Chaudhry. The stubborn pair will have a lot to explain once the national shemozzle is over. They have scared away foreign investment making Pakistan lose quadrillion rupees.

Does anyone care? NO!


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