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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ayaz Amir Losing the Race

Sometimes Ayaz Amir (thinks) runs so far ahead of his thoughts he ends up losing the race to reason. Make it Reason for added emphasis. In this excerpt he praises the people of Pakistan and their sanguine intelligence. If ...

If the people made the right decision in 1947, one may wonder why they forgot the lesson in 1970 and repeated their mistake? Or repeat it again in 2008?

If the people are fickle (in that they do not learn from their past mistakes), why must he blame the leadership for failing the nation? And let us not forget, as a opinion maker (of sorts) he comes under the umbrella of leader too.

Ayaz Amir saheb, it is the people's fault!... (fool me once, shame on you, fool me again, shame on me)

As for Ali Ahmed Kurd, congradulations on his election victory. and with prayers (caveat: my prayers are like the prayers of millions of other pakistanis about Kashmir) that he may succeed where Aitezaz Ahsan failed.

It may sound like a tall claim to make but the people of Pakistan have never failed their country. Time and again they have showed that they are capable of the right decisions: whether in 1947, 1970 or, as most recently, in 2008. They are not to be blamed if time and again it's the leadership which has failed the nation.

We are witnessing the same phenomenon again. The people voted for change on Feb 18. They voted for Musharraf's ouster, the restoration of the Musharraf-purged judiciary and an end to Pakistan's clammy embrace of American policy. They certainly did not vote for Pakistan's return to the IMF. If the people of Pakistan have been disappointed, if their expectations have not been met, if they present the spectacle of a demoralised nation, it is not because their judgement on Feb 18 was wrong but because it is no one's fault except perhaps of our stars that we have a governing elite about whose blazing incompetence nothing more needs to be proven, so self-evident a truth is this now taken to be.


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