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Monday, May 19, 2008

Baithak World May 18: Sistine Chapel, Headlines, RealNews

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel has inspired and enthralled millions but none who has craned in admiration of the "divinely inspired" work realises it was born out of base rivalry and petty jealousy.

Five centuries after the artist signed the contract to decorate the Pope's personal chapel in the Vatican with scenes from the book of Genesis, the true story of how Michelangelo came to create one of his greatest works can be told.

The artist was awarded the commission unaware that he was the target of a conspiracy hatched by Donato Bramante, the architect of St Peter's Basilica, and the painter Raphael, who persuaded Pope Julius II to oblige Michelangelo – a sculptor with little painting experience – to take on the commission. They believed that, faced with a work on such a vast scale, he was bound to fail and be humiliated.

Sistine set-up: the 500-year-old art mystery


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Paul Jay presents RealNews
Bringing Iraq war to Congress
Congress votes down war funding bill; Veterans Against the War testify view

US polar bear protection falls short
Environmental groups say long awaited listing under Endangered Species Act fails to protect polar bear view

Iran, Israel and the Arab world
Babak Yektafar talks about Iran's role as a regional power view


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