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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Looking into the Crystal Ball: February 18 Musings

Barring one of the three calamities occurring, the elections will be held on schedule. Three calamaties? Yes, we know them as Musharraf, Sharif or Zaradari departure for a heavenly abode.

Let us hope that does not happen and the elections are held.

Demonstrations would begin on February 19 or 20. They could be initiated by one of the two major parties or by both of them or by other parties boycotting the elections or even by the subversives inside the agencies - the usual suspects.

In the ensuing melee there would be more violence and decision time for Kiani. Right now everyone opposed to Musharraf in the media is building him up as a "professional" soldier.

But power has strange alchemy. If he comes, by choice or circumstances then all bets are off.

We have seen 90 days turn into decades. Why do people think it will be different this time? Can we never learn from our past?

Or has deluding ourselves become an ingrained part of our collective psyche?


Blogger kinkminos said...

sadly, i think it's gone beyond mere delusion and is sliding into the morass of absolute apathy.

and yes, i too pray (for what it's worth) that musharraf shareef and nawaz sharif and asif shareef survive at least the next two weeks.

February 04, 2008 12:12 AM  

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