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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Urgent Appeal To Ward Off Further Destruction

Friends I need your help and support.

What with food, electricity, gas, shortages - what with elections and re-elections in the air - what with anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, suicided bombers on the rise - one thing can be said with some certainty:

Pakistan will not be a peaceful country to live in for the next few months or even years. Since power abhors vacuum, it is also safe to assume that some one would be occupying the seat of power in Islamabad.

So, please help me in suggesting a way to float a petition: a simple but far reaching petition demanding a mandatory shoot-to-kill order for damaging or looting any public or private property anywhere in Pakistan.

I understand that such an order is contrary to democratic norms and principals we aspire for. But enough is enough, things have gotten out of hand and a shoot-to-kill order is possibly the last deterrent that may work. Problems and issues would continue to come to the fore. And people would continue to go on rampages, unless an effective deterrent is found. Please circulate this and let us unite and built pressure for such an order to come to pass.

May you and yours be safe.


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