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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pak another thriving illegal organ market

NEW DELHI: It appears that the trade in illegal organ transplants is a thriving one in the subcontinent. In a disturbing trend, several hospitals in Delhi have complained about Indian patients going to Pakistan for kidney transplants and returning with severe complications.

"The trend started two years ago. In the last year alone, we got six patients who had gone to Pakistan for transplants and returned with complications. All these cases came in days after the patient returned,’’ said Dr Vijay Kher of the department of renal transplant at Fortis Hospital in a recent interview.

Dr Kher added that six patients came in a critical state. Out of the six, two were from Delhi, two from Punjab and two from Uttaranchal. Two of them later died due to complications.

According to reports in the foreign media, many patients make their way into Pakistan as the country offers a “cheap kidney bazaar.” There too, incidents of kidney selling by the poor are rampant, and as a result, transplant tourism is a thriving trade. [for more click on the heading]


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