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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ex-spy chief gives seven-point exit plan for Musharraf - Noorani

Masood Sharif Khan, Director General Intelligence Bureau (IB) during the second era of late Benazir Bhutto (1993-96) wrote in his letter.

a. Announce that you have decided to resign and that you shall hand over power to a new president as soon as he is elected.

b. Announce that you shall meet all the political leaders within one week and, thereafter, will announce just one person as the consensus prime minister who will run the government through the existing bureaucratic structure and will have no cabinet of useless ministers. Also add that, thereafter, you shall recede into the background till the new president is elected and you finally hand over to him.

c. At this point in time, also announce the revival of the judiciary to its Nov 2, 2007, position because this one step will bring about the lost confidence of the people of Pakistan and will also help give credibility to the whole process of the transition of political power.

d. That the new prime minister, independent of you, will appoint a new election commission, chief ministers and governors.

e. That this new prime minister and the new chief election commissioner will conduct a free, fair and impartial general elections within 90 days of taking office.

f. That during the three months in power the prime minister along with the revived judiciary will lay down the methodology for the effectiveness of the existing rules of business for all the government institutions so that once the new government takes charge there is never a transgression of one institution into the working of any other institution, civil or military.

g. That within one week of the new parliament coming into force the schedule for the election of a new president will be announced and once the new president is elected you shall hand over to him. The revived judiciary will give you immunity till this time ie when you actually hand over and leave. This can always be worked out amicably if we all put Pakistan ahead of our own selves.


Blogger Guru said...

I personally know Mr Masood Sharif but i wonder why Benazir didn't bring him closer to herself when she was back in Pakistan. I think he would have been a far better person to help her with her security arrangements instead of other people that she trusted.
Anyways i really like Baithak and really like the diverse nature of the blogs. Keep it up!
M Junaid Khan

January 23, 2008 7:19 AM  

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