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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bring Down That Wall: There is Hope in Chaos

For Pakistanis who want a meaningful change in the country and in their lives. Look at this picture and think.

Palestinian boys and men, some carrying jerry cans, cross into Egypt to stock up on supplies Thursday.

Think ata (flour): think electricity: think sui gas: think of law and order: think of feudalism: think of the occupying army: think of poverty: think of militancy and suicide bombings: think of all this as a WALL! A wall that has been encroaching around us since 1947. A wall that has made living and breathing almost impossible for the majority of working and middle class Pakistanis.

This is the wall that needs to be brought down before any meaningful change will occur. And this wall will not come down by activists, NGOs, newspaper and cyber pundits. This wall will not come down by exhortations on the electronic media by celebrity anchors. This will not come down with earnest prayers and fervent hopes of the disenfranchised.

This wall will come down only when all hope is lost. This wall will come down when the man in the street finally wakes up. This wall will come down when all of us will rise simultaneously and break it down for a better tomorrow.

There is perhaps hope in that chaos.


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