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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Transitionist vs Transformationist Debate in Pakistan - A perspective - Bevivek

There is an ongoing debate in the Pakistani media on the issue of whether to adopt a Transitionary or a Transformationary approach to changing Pakistan. Initiated by Daily Times editor, Ejaz Haidar on August 31st, this has led to a lively exchange with several participants including Ayesha Siddiqua the author of Military Inc. on Sep 3rd and the redoubtable Kamran Shafi on Sep 6th. Interested readers are urged to refer to the additional articles: an editorial in Daily Times on Sep 7th, Haidar's response to others again on Sep 7th and by Afiya Shehrbano on Sep 11th. Articles on this continue to appear.

The ultimate goal of both approaches appears to be the same, establishing the primacy of democratic civilan rule and moving the military back to the barracks for good with no political role. The two camps differ in the approach.

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and this was my response to bevivek:


interesting article on the transitionist vs. transformationist angle

it is never easy to predict what might happen but that does not deter us to venture in la la land:)

the struggle against the army as personified by musharraf is kept alive by the lawyers, the media and the citizen activists...i call them the 'elitist' putsch

and for this to arrive anywhere near success it has to entice and win over the people.... the masses ... that has not been happening...(which is why to my friends discomfort i have lableled it 'elitist'!)

these are/were transformationists

the other approach - the transitionist - or what i have termed the Gul approach after turkishh president Gul - has not been tried yet

here you approach gain some, retreat if the opposition to your advance is firm, regroup, advance elsewhere, retreat, push - in the end you gain albeit slowly your goals

it has not been tried in pakistan yet

but this imho holds the best promise


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