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Sunday, December 02, 2007


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painting credit faiqua qayyum uppal

in vacillating eyes an inkling, how?
sweet the pain, biting the agony, how?

love intense, limitless then the doubts, how?
the eyes neglect the heart, not asking, how?

immersed in countless doubts, and her flair, how?
we remain wondering, she perks up, how?

you and i are here, explain the chasm, how?
instead of embraces - hide and seek, how?

your smile and mannerism mysterious, how?
poor temporal's senseless ramblings and how.

udaas ankhioun maiN chahat ki tapish kaisi
kaisa hay yeh kur'b aur yeh khalish hay kaisi

chahtaiN haiN bay panah phir yeh kasak kaisi
na dil say mili naz'r, na poocha ho kaisi

gharq e sud was'wi'sa hum, aur woh chaal kaisi
meh'v e hairaaN haiN, ithlati hay woh kaisi

hum tum aur yeh khalij e bay kinaar kaisi
ba'jai bos o kinaar yeh baychaini kaisi

tri muskurahat, tri aa'daaiN kaisi kaisi
ghareeb temporal ki baataiN aisi kaisi


Blogger Square Peg said...

May I extend my sympathies... that is without doubt the most hilarious literal ghazal interpretation I have read.



December 01, 2007 10:15 PM  

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