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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Meet Jeff Barry

Creatures of circumstance

Peter RobertsonLast week I went across the city to the neighborhood of Palermo to meet again with Peter Robertson about the development of his new literary journal, the International Literary Quarterly. Perhaps this post should be titled part 2 of A Conversation with Peter Robertson, though we’ve had so many actual conversations now that I’ve forgotten the number.

After meeting Peter outside his apartment building, we hobbled over to a neighborhood cafe. I say hobbled since Peter is still recovering from a rather bad dog bite (which might lead some to raise the question: does a good dog bite?).

We made our way up to the balcony where we had a good view of the street corner and enjoyed the end of the day over coffee, tea, and talk of the written word. Peter reports that he has received good feedback on the launch of the new literary review. But he’s not resting on his laurels. Now that issue 1 has made its way out to the world the editorial tasks of preparing the next issue along with his own fiction writing is consuming him these days.

For each issue of the International Literary Quarterly Peter wants to include a selection of stories, poetry, translations, and always at least one essay. The following writers are already slated to appear in issue 2:

[ for more click on the heading. it is interesting how i came to know of Jeff's blog. he left a comment for me HERE.

the literary journal seems interesting. i will be writing him about another expat pakistani zulfikar ghose who has spent some time in south america.]


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