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Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Good Thing About The Emergency: It Brought Them Together

Another silver lining in this Emergency – it brought the anchors together. Hamid Mir brought Kashif Abbasi and Talat Hussain on his show. The Insight anchor Javed brought on Kamran Khan.

There goes the Ed Morrow school of journalism’s cardinal rule – journalist report: they do not make news.

I used another advisedly. I had written about the way journalists are introspecting on their roles and questioning themselves. Did they go over board bashing, not reporting on the government?

Yes, the electronic media is in its infancy in Pakistan. But that is not a valid excuse for the major anchors came to it by way of print media. The core rules of reporting are not dissimilar.

Biases should be kept under check. Leanings can peek under ideological pining. But, and this is cardinal, their reports and analysis should be based on facts.

Facts are the pristine gods of journalism.


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