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Saturday, April 01, 2006

hymen, no-man, men-men, women

Random Top-Ten thoughts on the unfixed but pre-fixed men under so much fire of lately. Caveat: there is no money back, refund or exchange privileges for your lost time.

* The desi male should be declared an endangered species: pity UNICEF is so UNinformed these days...maybe UN should be in and re formed. SC veto for North Korea and Sudan...anyone?

* Good news: the hymen can be restored for special rites, whims, and staged occasions.

* Bad news: medical plans do not cover this - get out your Amex, MC or Visa.

* Mixed news: according to a soon to be published article in the Scientifc Desi by none other than temporal of DC, there is a mental hymen in both men and women. He calls it menmen - (mental hymen) - sorry no political correctness for now dee, am, aphra, suj, kaveeta, sakshi, shoes, anou.

Yes did consider menhy but the newly democratic Afghan government has already filed for patents on their highly refined opium crop so have shelved that. Will check into the root for hymen and might change it later.

* This menmen when penetrated properly causes happiness, peace and bliss, Harvard and New England studies have shown. That there is so much misery around the world indicates penetration rate of less than 1% globally. Am slightly in awe of statistics so actuaries may correct me on this later.

* Successful rapport and menmen penetration is achieved when both participants are tuned and receptive (not tunn -- ok bad desi joke, Richard-explanation will kill it.

* menmen penetration is advertent not inadvertent-mostly

* menmen penetration is an unlearned condition-and is asexual-mostly. And definitely not gay.

* menmen penetration does not cause a population explosion

* menmen penetration happens (credit Tom Hanks - Forrest Gump)


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