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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

cheesoo and roz

#1014 poetry
on April 5, 2004 3:32pm PT
Cheesoo see if you can read this...haven't done it in english yet...this is a true narration Debt/Qar's

At a CAS* meet
from a former ward now a volunteer

Oos say gila nahiN
maaN hay na baap mera
seekha hay jo kuch mainay
zamanay say sekha
kabhi laRRkhaRai maiN
kabhi bach ga’ee maiN

jis maqaam per aaj hooN
apni kaavishOn say
zoar e bazoo say hooN
maaN hay na baap mera
apna hee ehsaan hay
aur haaN Khuda gar hay
tO shayad Oos ka bhee

paRhna hay baRhna hay
aur aagay jana hay
is safar main kabhi
jeetooN gi, harooN gi
paooN gi, khOooN gi
laikin aik bat hogi
mustaqbil maiN khood hee
apna banaouNgi

ik khalish khalti hay
ghum ka gila nahiN
khushiouN main maaN baap ki
kabhi kabhi shiddat
say kami lagti hay

*Children’s Aid Society

#1015 To Rozaiba
on April 5, 2004 3:26pm PT

just read your post...will comment tomorrow


and what did you say on the other board?

#1016 To Rozaiba
on April 4, 2004 8:13am PT
has either of you read zulfikar ghose?...he continues to teach AND the southwest states...keeps a deliberately low profile...almost to the point that he plays down his pakistani roots...his justification perhaps to be accepted as a writer...good, bad or mediocre judged solely on his writings?

...the problems of pakistani novel writing in english are manifold...chief among them perhaps are the inability to sell locally in their target market...

...and if they abandon that market then they would have to compete globally...and that requires talent, luck and opportunity of a diferent kind... a sense pakistan based english fiction writers face the same dilemma desani faced in 50s india and remained an almost unsung hero...


ps: roz avoid the pitfalls of isms... in fact if we have to take in any isms (and here am being pak-specific) i wish we focus on one in a major way...humanism!


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