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Thursday, September 29, 2005


cc: knock knock
t: :) bolo
cc: aaj kal sub peace ki baataiN kar rahay haiN
t: nau sO choohay kha ker billi chali haj ko
cc: :)
t: how are you doing on that quiz?
cc: the colour and model of the white cadillac convertible seen winding the hilly roads in most indian movies circa 50s?
t: blue vespa?
cc: name the two accessories used by most fathers-in-law in those movies
t: pugree and hookah ( taking off pugree meri izzat aap kay qadmouN maiN hay sarkar
cc: nah....dressing gown and an unlit pipe! ...why does that actor who runs up the hills, down the valleys, for hours on feet, sometimes on horseback and who appears in the nick of time to utter the fateful "yeh shaadi nahiN hosakhti hay!" never out of breath?
t: good direction?
cc: nope
t: good script?
cc: :)...why does it rain in song sequences?
t: for sound effects?
cc: the average age of the actor who happily yelps "maaN tera beta imtihaan maiN pass ho gaya"
t: 35
cc: ur score is improving
t: my score or my hit rate
cc: i will call M this minute
t: say hello to her:)
cc: am bored...need to challenge myself
t: go talk to the recalcitrant on the sajil board
cc: i said b--o--r--e--d... not s--t--u--p--i--d
t: : bura kyuN maaNti ho...was just a suggestion
cc: what is wrong with you muslims?
t: hunh (there is so much wrong with us...dunno where she is going )
cc: (bura maan gaya hay shayad)...meant why are muslims so defensive?
t: we have the book
cc: but you don't read it
t: true...but it is still unchanged
cc: then what good is it?
t: it is a torchlight in the right hands
cc: or a carte blanche to kill innocents
t: let's nip this here, another time?
cc: cya
t: tc


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