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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

unpoet (from Poessay Rosary 34)



'Me wrinkled, malang...'
says the unpoet.
'You, my shadow come to life...'
says the Dadi.
'You narcissistic, must...'
says the Shehzadi.
Others echo,
'maatoob, masloob, mazroob,
mutasarrif, muhtaraz, mudhosh,
maghroor, mafroor, mutshaer..


chalo, jo hay
jaisa bhee hay
behtar hee hay.
laikin karaiN kya
khalish-e-dil ka.

The expectations
of the palpable heart --
wishes without parallel
or were they laments?
To which the unpoet gestures
with finger to lips
in the age-old refrain.
', no, no
am not unique
it is them
they are so similar
how can you fault me?'


The differences
age and gender
mores and manners.
And the similarities
binding one-ness
in hatred and intolerance.
When the cosmisage
fails the unpoet
is that unique?
Is being drowned
in an abundance of love
Is the need to absorb
love unlimited
Is the urge
to spread love around
Or is it a syndrome
to be tested, cataloged?
The unpoet
unique, sick,
different, but not indifferent.


Gard-e-rah youN
libadah bun jati hay
ameer kya faqeer
mard kya zun
bahay jatay haiN
sub zair-e-asur
ik anjani taqat kay
Kya hu'a gar
rah-e-safar maiN
fi sabeel
kuch pyar hee
pila daiN hum?
LabouN ki khushk
pappRRiyouN ko
ashkouN ki nami say
koi seraab karday
ya palkouN maiN chanakhtay
tashakkur ki booNdouN say
pyas apni bhee bujha kar
karvaan say phir ja milaiN?
Kaisa kusoor tha
kaisi khalish thee
kay youN salib per
chaRRha daitay haiN log?

As the unpoet looks around
everything is eerily similar
save the disparate reflections
of a fang, a snag or a thorn.

*malang: sannyasi, wandering ascetic
must: inebriated with wine or love
maa'toob: one who is blamed
mas'loob: one who has been crucified
maz'roob: one who has been hurt
mutasar'rif: one who occupies
muh'taraz: one who is careful/cautious
mud'hosh: one who is inebriated
magh'roor: one who is proud
maf'roor: one who got away
mut'shaer: one who pretends to be a poet


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