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Saturday, April 30, 2016

off pedestal

selectively, blindly
the iqra followers
neither read, hear nor see
words writ large
on clouds, in shadows cast
like meadow cows
from a less polluted time
heart-beats on papyrus
soothing, straight
from the heart-mind
braving and surviving 
shamal and chubasco
embers of discontent and  
empathy laced love
nerve twitching wisdom
whirl with the silent beat
resonating with silence
rustling over rolling dunes
word worshipers seek more
a pursuit with no end

what do whirling dervishes know?
but they know, they know!
for merrily they go round 
                      and round
                                swirling to
word-music reverberating
in their halo
succumbing to the magic
                     of word-ecstasy
[overheard at the next table
friends? what friends?
can you share a grave
with a friend?

                 a  thought

love them, loved them
ensconce them, ensconced them
value them, valued them
worship them, worshiped them!]

amidst all this worshipping
words crumble off the pedestal
and end like tsunami whipped bodies

first published Oct 09, 2010


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