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Monday, February 22, 2016

waq't ka haseen sitam / woes of homeland insecurity

waq't ka haseen sitam

airport per huzoor nay kaha
zara tashreef la'ee'yay idhar
bus mukhtasaran ...
jahaz gaya, hum  reh ga'aye

jo naam hay humara, so hay
kya karaiN hum
chalo, khair hay
kuch waq't aur yaadouN
kay saharay guzar laitay haiN

woes of homeland insecurity

at the airport
not satisfied with the hole in the sock
was asked to take off the belt too
and the final pleasantry
'step this way, sir'
oh sure...

this was the name parents gave
(without asking me)
decades before the 'list' surfaced
missed the flight
more time to reminisce


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