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Thursday, February 11, 2016

converfession v

converfession v

fish cried
to fill the bowl

              a reaction
ah self-defense
like that lal fellow’s burka? 
offensive defense? 

in college this girl 
- a fascinating smile
those who succumbed 
were collateral damage
did she use depleted uranium 
in her tooth fillings?

she victimised with cluster-smiles
and daisy-cutters?
wore a daisy print dress
with stars and stripes?

you do know her!
she smiled at me at the cemetery
did she find the tall bearded fellow 
she loved? she told me she will go 
to the end of the earth to find him

the earth is encompassing 
and conceals
she was weak in logic and geography
lucky guy! 

life with her would have been sheer boredom
excitement is bad for your heart 
and the wallet
one above the waist and the other below
people die living

converfession [conversation + confession] is a frozen recollection of conversation with friends in the past. am indebted to the two friends i generally misquote here


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