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Friday, February 12, 2016

converfession i-v

converfession i

who is not
she countered
try and curb your faults
when i confessed 
am human

wondered what good 
was my confession 
but knowing where she came from
and the aftermath of explanations 
said i
appreciate and thanks 

(did i change my ways afterwards 
no, but it was nice to know she cared)

converfession ii

when will this journey end?

the pebble on the sea shore
once a rock on a snow peak
now washed endlessly
by waves that travelled oceans
asked the same query

no standing to lie still 
no lying to stand still
dust to ashes to dust
smile to smile

converfession iii

where can one look for peace?
round the corner from prosperity
prosperity is peace’s neighbor?
no, there is an empty plot of land
a no prosperity-no peace zone
with barbed electric fences
guarded by ferocious hirsute men with dogs 
carrying a rectangular object 
wrapped in silk around their necks
a dog eared book?
or a parchment on rituals? aerobics?
nobody can dance with pricked toes
and the beard gets in the way 
that empty plot of land is a cemetery
to bury joy and happiness?
that is for another day

converfession iv

in the cemetery of peace
peace joins happiness
happiness, bigamous?
happiness is polygamous
i didn’t know she was a mormon. 
no wonder they are so grim 
and happy simultaneously
grimaces are disguised smiles
are they ordained philanderers 
or just work hard at it
i have no answer
the founders are long gone

converfession v
fish cried
to fill the bowl

              a reaction
ah self-defense
like that lal fellow’s burka? 
offensive defense? 

in college this girl 
- a fascinating smile
those who succumbed 
were collateral damage
did she use depleted uranium 
in her tooth fillings?

she victimised with cluster-smiles
and daisy-cutters?
wore a daisy print dress
with stars and stripes?

you do know her!
she smiled at me at the cemetery
did she find the tall bearded fellow 
she loved? she told me she will go 
to the end of the earth to find him

the earth is encompassing 
and conceals
she was weak in logic and geography
lucky guy! 

life with her would have been sheer boredom
excitement is bad for your heart 
and the wallet
one above the waist and the other below
people die living

converfession [conversation + confession] is a frozen recollection of conversation with friends in the past. am indebted to the two friends i generally misquote here


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