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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

elections canada 2011

harper has won his coveted majority - 167 seats with 40% votes

ndp surge propelled it to 102 seats and 31% of votes

liberals sank to 34 seats with 19% of votes

bloc got dessicated with 4 seats and 6% seats


michael ignatieff is stepping down

gilles duceppe resigned


canada is more polarized than ever

if this is the advent of two party system, then the writing is on the wall.

once left of centre liberals had been bleeding. there should be a fresh approach. they have to reinvent if they are to survive, and re occupy that left of centre position now occupied by the ndp.

lack of leadership, indeed listless leadership, an agenda that was not distinguishable from the conservatives, aside, the liberals should look at reinventing. perhaps joining with ndp. or the once natural governing party risks becoming a footnote in canadian politics.

harper has to consolidate his party base also. be less secretive and agenda driven. be more canadian and less american. he has four more years to do so.


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