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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank you Moin Akhtar

thank you moin akhtar
thank you for going prematurely
without whimper
you had a great innings
sprinkled laughter and smiles
amongst the dull and dreary
with panache and grace
you were lovable
and decent
we adored you
and will continue...

(and now time for a commercial break)

what is it in human nature
more so in desi drift
that we rise and sing songs
in unison
after we're left behind?
behaving as the living-dead

in days to come
we will gather at our favorite
cyber watering holes
and sing paeans, write panegyric eulogies

shahinshah e ghazal mehdi hasan
bulbul e hind lata
malika e ghazal farida khanum
artist, writer, actor anwar maqsood
writer, actor, broadcaster ziya mohyeddin
little master hanif mohammed
the queen of pop asha
thespian yusuf khan

but for now, we keep our peace

(commercial break is over
over to you now)


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