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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

singin' the same songs

Photograph by Rod March, U.S. Geological Survey

not only
in the middle of rab al khali
is the sun merciless, brainless

fiery fire makes the round
around weary necks
wrinkled foreheads
the dogs have stopped crying
runny nosed children do
but what do they know
of despaired despondency?

in mahogany lined rooms
or dhurried chambers
lethargic legends logicalize
dropping morsels of faith
sprinkled with restrained disdain
and scent of crisp notes
over the lands of
terminal tribulation

bit by bit
bite by bite

cascading chaos
over parched
hibernating misery
and you and i
will write and repeat
the same songs
faithfully, faithlessly

in mahogany lined rooms
or dhurried chambers...


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