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Saturday, April 09, 2011

seemingly unconnected

'Barey ho ke Corolla banoo.nga" - a riksha's aspirations #GreatPakistanisms

This pic is courtesy Beena Sarwar.

For the uninitiated - the rickshaw says "Will grow to become a Corolla."

Fricruptions continue in the Great Arab Reawakening 2010.

Yawning is empathetic, I learn not pathetic.

Khurram Hussein writes about elephants in our midst.

and Cyril Almeida talks about the hippopotamuses in out midst.

I wrote:
if there is to be progress, BOTH the elephants and the hippos have to be reined in

Back to the query: what would they like to grow up as?

Deafening silence.

khamushi ka raaj hay her soo
is aah o fugaan kay shOr maiN

ba husrat ya bay husrat
naang paa ya paa b' jolaan
is bazaar e zindagi maiN
youN guzar jaatay haiN


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