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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Tent Maker

The kids had eaten their Oreo, drank their milk and
brushed their teeth. They crawled into their sleeping
bags and requested to hear the story of the Tent Maker.
The tribes of Aynud were short sighted. Between them they had enough to eat. But they always coveted for more. They taught themselves to be unhappy and dissatisfied.

The Bawajis worshipped Fire because it gave them warmth and protection. Their cousins the Machlis prayed to the water. That was before the era of the Tent.

The Daudis were the first ones to pray to the Tent Maker.

The Crossers respected the Tent Maker's son more.

The Hilalis prayed to their own Tent Maker whom they described as the one and original.

There were others who laughed and scoffed at those who prayed to their Tent Makers. They thought that the first tent was not made by anyone.

"Then why do they fight and kill?"

Because they have different passports, son.


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