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Monday, September 20, 2010

doodh-patti and pakoRas

500;Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketphoto AP - David Duprey

what are late sundays
without newspapers
and steaming doodh-patti?

yesterday had difficulty
opening the door
(it is not easy pushing
two feet of snow away)

donning snow shoes
parka and gloves
shoveled the entrance
path, side walk
and driveway
with help from son

the air was crisp
snow settled on
climbing ivy and cedar hedges
looked post-card perfect
the whole world bathed
in pure powdery white

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photo AP - David Duprey

and all the while i was outside
i kept thinking of doodh-patti
…………………and pakoRas

nary a thought of bali
global warming, kyoto
nor of darfur, iraq, iran
afghanistan, neoconzix
………………….cheney, bush,
israel, occupation, palestine
occupying khakistocracy
musharraf, election, boycott

just doodh-patti and pakoRas

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photo - twisterMC


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