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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Saindak Saga, Rafia Zakaria, Ansar Abbasi ki bhee suno, Anjum Niaz,

The Saindak Saga The project was revived by Pakistan and China on March 22, 2002, with $ 350 million earmarked for development. The terms are exceptionally unfavourable for Balochistan and its people. MRDL, a subsidiary of the Metallurgical Construction Company of China (MCC) will run it in return for 50 percent of total revenue from mineral sales and also pay $ 500,000 monthly to Pakistan over the next 10 years. Balochistan will receive only $ 0.7 million per year as royalty. These figures expose the total disregard of Baloch rights by the Centre.
The unseen trauma of war �Rafia Zakaria - According to the World Health Organization, 90 percent of the internally displaced people made homeless by the fighting in Northern Pakistan are living in host communities where few life-saving healthcare facilities are available. As has been widely reported, there is a critical gap between the needs of these war-torn communities and the service available to them. Particularly needed are the services of female healthcare workers who can provide for the vast number of displaced women in the area.
Ansar Abbasi says: Both govt, opposition clueless on how to tackle terror
Phir aap hee kuch bataiyay Abbasi saheb.
Anjum Niaz: While Haqqani has earned the ire of the military after he got wiretapped, High Commissioner W S Hasan being caught red-handed on camera with boxes containing damning proof of alleged corruption against his boss is even more humiliating. By now the whole of Pakistan and Britain have seen the shock and awe on Hasan's face as he stepped out of the office of the prosecutor general in Geneva whisking away the "proof" in a Pakistani embassy car.
The PML-N also has a reputation of appointing "fixers" as envoys. Their phone conversations with their bosses back home have been bugged. Their deeds are a matter of public record. But still we easily forgive and forget the past and re-elect the same discredited leaders who, in turn, send the same dishonoured, second-hand and mediocre stuff as ambassadors to foreign capitals.


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