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Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes, we are in denial, Who killed Karkare? Sacking Zardari

Pakistan is a nation in denial, unwilling to mature and accept responsibility for mistakes past and future – unwilling to shoulder the weight of responsibility for improving its own future. Certainly, other countries have meddled in our politics. But we’re the ones taking the decision to let them, and then finding ways of shooting ourselves in the foot. The Taliban are a case in point, thanks to Pakistan’s notions of strategic depth in Afghanistan. Like ostriches, we always have and perhaps always will keep our heads stuck in the sand. One can argue that it is the state and the government that ought to be tasked with steering the course of the country’s future away from its currently suicidal direction: but until individuals who constitute society change their minds, a mere government can achieve little of long-term impact.
So much for zehni ghulami! – hajrah mumtaz

One way would be to heed important questions raised by the wife of Hemant Karkare, the head of Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad who was killed under mysterious circumstances on the first night of the three-day reign of terror in Mumbai’s Colaba district. The latest query raised by Kavita Karkare – a brave and candid lady of rare grace – pertains to the mystery of her husband’s missing bullet-proof jacket. What happened to the dead police officer’s bullet-proof vest? It may hold the key to the mystery surrounding his death. Mumbai probe fiasco: bad intelligence or poor media?

Sacking Zadari and appointing Aitzaz Ahsan head of the PPP will not be enough to restore the people’s trust. And it should not be enough. For their trust to be restored, the PPP will have to do a lot more. And, for many reasons, I doubt that they will be able to do what must be done. Trying to stuff an artificial heart back into a poisoned old body may not work. So what else might be done? Sacking Zardari

Charles Ferndale gives it away! Sacking is only used in western democratic societies. In the third world the leaders are unceremoniously assassinated, removed, overthrown, sent to the gallows, face the firing squad or exiled. ~ t


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