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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sachin I know, Palin's Payback, Huma Yusuf, Anjum Niaz, Ardeshir to Iftikhar Chaudhry, defining a Muslim,

The Sachin I know - Tendulkar has found the urge, and the solutions, to be able to play for 20 years. That is a landmark to be celebrated

Memoir Is Palin’s Payback to McCain Campaign “Going Rogue,” the title of Sarah Palin’s erratic new memoir, comes from a phrase used by a disgruntled McCain aide to describe her going off-message during the campaign: among other things, for breaking with the campaign over its media strategy, its decision to pull out of Michigan and for speaking out about reports that the Republican Party had spent more than $150,000 on fancy designer duds for her and her family. In fact, the most sustained and vehement barbs in this book are directed not at Democrats or liberals or the press, but at the McCain campaign.

Separate initiatives to increase female labour are urgently required as well. As a start, workplaces should be required to provide bathroom facilities for both men and women. Larger companies should have in-house daycare centres. Paid maternity leave should be mandated and regularised. And part-time or flexible hours options for women with children must be encouraged. Without basic female-friendly infrastructure and policies, criminalising sexual harassment will only be a half-measure towards promoting female employment. Huma Yusuf

As I write I’m reminded of the two brilliant psychiatrists who treated our president when he was in a bad shape while living in Manhattan. It was the spring of 2007, when two New York-based psychiatrists, Stephen Reich and Philip Saltiel, prepared medical reports that were filed in a London court where their patient was allegedly facing corruption charges. According to the Financial Times of London (August 26, 2008), the psychiatrists said that their patient “suffered from severe ‘emotional instability,’ dementia (insanity, madness), amnesia (memory loss), concentration problems and major depressive disorder. The documents also stated that he had suicidal tendencies.” Anjum Niaz

Nisar’s widow, 29-year old Madiha, has written to Chief Justice Iftihkar Chaudhry under the heading: ‘Appeal for justice in the matter of Gutter Baghicha, Manghopir Road, Karachi (a) Punish the killers of my social-activist husband, Nisar Baloch (b) Save Gutter Baghicha Park from land-grabbers and criminals’. Ardeshir Cowasjee

The report was written by Justices Muhammad Munir and M R Kiyani. At one stage in the Inquiry, four ‘learned divines’ were asked to give their individual definitions of a Muslim. As records the report: “The result of this part of inquiry, however, has been anything but satisfactory and if considerable confusion exists in the minds of our ulema on such a simple matter, one can easily imagine what the differences on more complicated matters will be….Keeping in view the several different definitions given by the ulema, need we make any comment except that no two learned divines are agreed on this fundamental. If we attempt our own definition as each learned divine has done and that definition differs from that given by others, we unanimously go out of the fold of Islam. And if we adopt the definition given by any one of the ulema we remain Muslims according to the view of that alim, but kafirs according to the definition of everyone else.” Amina Jilani


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