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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ouch! Poor Coral Growth, Karachi Sewage, Samson Sharaf,

Poor coral growth at Sindh, Balochistan coasts - A survey of coral reefs at 18 sites along the Sindh and Balochistan coasts, conducted by scientists from the Centre of Excellence in Marine Biology (CEMB), has revealed that hard coral growth along the seashore is extremely poor.This survey was a part of the research by CEMB on the coral reefs that are found on the sea coast of Sindh and Balochistan to understand the formation, preservation and destruction processes of the sediments that could help the country in many ways.

Khuda Bux Shaikh - The sludge and sewage discharged in storm water drains has been causing flooding in Karachi every year and there is a need for an extra slope to ensure “self-cleansing velocity of the drain”, Khuda Bux Shaikh, District Officer, Municipal Services Group of Offices, City District Government Karachi, said on Wednesday.Delivering a lecture on ‘The development plan of rainwater drains in Karachi: Present situation and future plans’, organised by the Urban Resource Centre, he said that the city generates 8,000 tonnes of waste on a daily basis, while the capacity to dispose it was not more than 3,000 tonnes per day. “On top of it, 4,000 tonnes of sewage and solid waste is thrown into the storm water drains every day that contains lots of silt. As a result, the drains are silted very quickly. About 1,000 tonnes of waste is diverted to open plots in the city,” he explained.

Kamila Hyat - There are many who suspect that Baitullah Mehsud, the man named as having plotted the murder, indeed had little to do with it. We know the assassination was meticulously planned, involving bombers and multiple sharp-shooters. It is possible that the extremist shield was used to provide cover to other killers.This has happened in the case of other deaths -- including that of Major General Faisal Alvi, killed by unknown gunmen in 2008. In April this year, a former military official admitted to the murder – claiming he had carried it out in revenge for the death in Afghanistan of his brother, a militant. But other suspicions linger on, with some reports suggesting the flamboyant Alvi could have been preparing to expose links between elements in the intelligence agencies, the Taliban and other extremist outfits. There is no way of knowing if there is any truth in this.

If a man like George Bush could visit the troops in an explosive place like Iraq, where shoes were thrown at him, surely there is no justification for Zardari to hide. Ouch!

Fault lines and vulnerabilities of target nations are exploited and locals like Chalabis/Khalilzads rented. The game played with remarkable alacrity continues; as does the attrition of Pakistan. Samson Sharaf [Wished he had mentioned names like Zardari and Sharif ~t]

Zafar Khalid Farooq - We are a nation that unquestionably swallows the unsubstantiated rants of Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi and their ilk. Zaid Hamid sees the world through a Zionist prism, while I advise you to check out to check out the quality of his 'photo journalism'.


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