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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Musings from dreamland, The busy Chief Justice,

Mehma should know that our Chief Justice is a very busy man and has a bulging briefcase. Also he has no time for issues which she deems to be of significance ~ t

The busy Chief Justice - Last year, a TV evangelist declared the Ahmediswajib-ul-qatl’ (worthy of being killed) in his television programme on a renowned television channel. This led to the killing of three Ahmedis, while countless threats were made to the Ahmediya community after this infamous television programme. Why were no charges pressed against this anchorperson on incitement to violence and murder? Why was no suo motu action taken against him? Why was this programme not banned altogether? These questions lead one to a single conclusion: threats to minority communities are not considered an ‘important’ issue.

Pardon my disbelief - the following is an excerpt from a very seasoned and experienced writer who is addressing a person who took a 200 million loan, defaulted, and with interest which ballooned to 547 millions, which s/he steeled for 40 million. ~ t

Musings from dreamland - Mr Gilani should make a concrete beginning to stamp out corruption. He should set up a commission to determine the causes of the rampant corruption and what the government and civil society could do to reduce its incidence. He should make the freedom-of-information law more effective and accessible. It will bring transparency in government actions and strengthen democracy.


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