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Friday, November 20, 2009

Does sexual frustration fuel Islamic violence? A poseur, Ralph Nader, Sea Level rise, Yoginder Sikand

The Pakistani Muslim youth is (generally) repressed. Not all of it due to culture. Among other factors bigotry, zealotry and religious mis-interpretations also share considerable blame. Hence this Pew Forum post assumes added significance ~ t

Does sexual frustration fuel Islamic violence? - by Omar Sacirbey - Did alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan lose control, at least in part, because he was sexually frustrated?That's one of the questions being asked in the investigation into the Nov. 5 rampage that left 13 people dead and dozens more injured. According to reports, Hasan visited a nearby strip club in the weeks before the massacre and was frustrated by his inability to find a pious Muslim wife.
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Wafa Sultan: A Poseur Playing off of Ignorance to Further Hate - We must begin this profile with a question: Is there a more contemptible poseur than Wafa Sultan who calls herself an atheist but in the same breath also claims to be a Muslim reformer, which would kind of be like Christopher Hitchens calling himself a Christian reformer? It is difficult to answer that question with certainty considering the wide pool of bigots who combine charlatanism with raving and incorrigible insanity. But for sure one thing is certain, she is completely undeserving of the 15 minutes of fame she has succeeded in procuring.

Advice On Afghanistan - By Ralph NaderYour staff estimates each U.S. soldier is costing $1 million a year, in addition to the horrific toll on these soldiers and the Afghan people. You owe the American people an un-Bush-like explanation. Why are you not receiving these groups of American from varied backgrounds and experience at the White House on this pending Afghan decision?

Australians Face Reality On Sea-Level Rise - By John JamesAustralia is the first country in the world to undertake a national assessment of the consequences of sea-level rise. The headlines on Saturday were silly , but the report was not. With a sea-level rise of 1.1 meters about two million Australians would become refugees and have to leave their homes and the places they love

All For a Song: Vande Mataram And The Jamiats Patriotism - By Yoginder Sikand The furore stoked by the media over a recent declaration by a faction of the Jamiatul-Ulema- e Hind declaring the singing of the song Vande Matram to be un-Islamic has, not unexpectedly, been seized upon by vociferously anti-Muslim elements to press their claim of Muslims being anti-national. What many Muslims are asking, a legitimate question that the media has failed to seriously raise, is why ones attitude to a song (and that too in a language that few Indians understand) should be made the litmus test of Indian patriotism. What many Muslims also demand to know is how long they must continue to be forced by Hindu communalists to bear the burden of being compelled to prove their patriotic credentials


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