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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Catch 22 test, Twenty Blunders, Zardari-Haqqani tapes

Does Anjum know how many Pakistanis will fail this test, not the political robbers, everyday ordinary Pakistanis? !~~t

We don’t need the moribund NAB to catch them. They should be made to take the catch-22 test: “Are you an American citizen; a British subject; a green card holder? Are you of sound mind and body? Have you lied about your academic degrees? How much income tax did you pay this year? Have you ever paid any wealth tax, if yes, how much? How much did your wife/daughters spend in jewellery and clothes? Are you a bank defaulter? How much did you give away in charity? And to whom? How many sarkari Umrahs and Hajj have you performed to date? How many properties have you acquired in the last 20 years? How many cars have you bought in the last 10 years? List all the movable property items you own? How many times did you use your influence to help your children or your relatives in promotions/admissions to colleges at the expense of others who merited them? How many times have you willfully broken the law? How many times have you lied while under oath? How many times have you misused your official perks for your private gain? How many gifts have you received in lieu of giving undue favours? Have you ever taken a bribe or given one? How may jobs have you given away to your friends and family members? Have you ever committed fraud? Have you ever embezzled government money or property? Have you indulged in horse trading?”

Zardari-Haqqani tapes against Army revealed’ - A military spy agency recorded a conversation between President Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan’s Ambassador in US Husain Haqqani discussing the Kerry Lugar Bill and the recordings captured the two discussing how to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan. This has been disclosed in a report published in McClatchy, the US newspaper group owned by The Miami Herald. The recording was disclosed by military sources without giving any names but the implication was that the two were discussing how to weaken the hold of the military in Pakistani policies. Military officials believe that secretly taped conversations between President Asif Zardari and his ambassador in Washington prove that it was at Zardari’s insistence that a $1.5 billion US aid package passed by Congress in September contained several provisions that angered the Pakistani military. The military publicly protested the aid package last month.

Twenty Blunders - In the last 20 months, the PPP-led coalition government committed at least 20 blunders. The media only pointed out these blunders and not a single blunder was actually created by the media. Here is the list of 20 blunders in the last 20 months:


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