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Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Books About Etiquette, The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2009,Unicorns in Kabul, Copenhagen Climate Talks, Spiefgel -Clinton,

TheNews special report on The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2009

Best Books About Etiquette - No offense to other books on manners, but Emily Post biographer Laura Claridge says these titles are impeccable. The authors range from Erasmus to Emily Post herself.

How Much Tofu Is Too Much Tofu? Studies show health benefits from soy ... in moderation.

What's at Stake in the Copenhagen Climate Talks - The next round of United Nations talks about global warming are the most important yet.

SPIEGEL Interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: 'Our Goal Is to Defeat Al-Qaida and Its Extremist Allies' - US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to SPIEGEL about her hopes for Afghanistan, her fears about al-Qaida's safe haven in Pakistan and her finite patience with Iran.

Fort Hood Tragedy Sparks Islamophobic Response By Steve Lendman - Chicago - A personal note. This writer was stationed at Fort Hood in summer 1956, a quiet time, post-Korea and pre-Vietnam, when terrorism and Islamophbia weren't issues, and shooting only happened on firing ranges to learn and improve marksmanship.

Maya "Painted Pyramid" Reveals 1st Murals of Daily Life - Maya murals complete with hieroglyphic captions are providing archaeologists with an unprecedented look at day-to-day life in the ancient empire, a new study says.

Media Matters: Dobbs, dropped By S.S.M. - On July 15, Lou Dobbs introduced a story on his CNN news program by saying that "new questions are raised about the president's eligibility to be president." Unbeknownst to the long-time cable news veteran, the moment he uttered those words, he embarked upon a steep downward trajectory that, just a few months later, would result in his departure from CNN, the network he had called home for the better part of three decades.

Unicorns in Kabul - M J Akbar - Let us leave the last word to a warlord who has never been disturbed by sentiment. I have met the Uzbeg General Abdul Rashid Dostum once, in Mazar-e-Sharif; his views are always forthright even if they are not necessarily right. But he had valid points to make in an interview with Dean Nelson and Ben Farmer of the Daily Telegraph [published on 13 November]:* Not one Afghan officer of the rank of captain or major has been killed in battle in six years, since Afghans do not consider this their war;* Western leaders are mistaken if they believe that Taliban soldiers will defect, or betray Osama;* Western aid has not touched poverty, but only killed local initiative and enriched the political elite;* Taliban can only be defeated by a pragmatic military strategy that avoids categories like “good” and “bad” and involves local communities.Dostum dismissed the anti-corruption sanctimoniousness in a classic sentence: “They are demanding unicorns in Kabul.” Touché.


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