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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Syria: Islam’s Most Important Library to Reopen in Aleppo, Doc explores Islamic-punk world, Tatarstan, Pakistan aid bill has explosive impact

Syria: Islam’s Most Important Library to Reopen in Aleppo - After decades of neglect, one of Islam’s most important libraries is about to reopen in Aleppo, offering scholars access to some 70,000 books and rare works of art, and shining a light on a centuries-old tradition of learning. Aleppo, Syria’s second city, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, outdone only by Damascus. It has also been a centre of scholarship for millennia, especially for the three Abrahamic faiths. Among the most renowned scholars was the Iraqi-born 10th-century poet Abu Tayyib al Mutanabi, arguably the most profound poet in the Arabic language.Another was the polymath philosopher Abu Nasr Mohammed al Farabi, known in Latin as Alpharabius, whose work was known to the philosophers of the Italian Renaissance.

The band members sleep a lot, play an unsuccessful show for a middle-class audience, and ingest copious amounts of hash. Taqwacore concludes with a free open-air concert, in which the band gets a rousing response from a big crowd of locals, who may have loved the empowering themes of the music, the anti-George Bush insults, or the fact that the concert was free. Knight has a lot to say about Islam and punk, not all of which is insightful, but as a literary artist he's in rare company: He created a work of fiction so convincing that real people now live it. Doc explores Islamic-punk world

Hillary Clinton Visit to Kazan, Tatarstan - The leaders of Tatarstan consider Tatar Islam an example of “Euro-Islam” that can serve as an example for other Muslim nations. The English website of Radio Liberty has a detailed background analysis of the political, ethnic, and religious situation in Tatarstan.

In an extraordinary "joint explanatory statement" aimed at appeasing that sentiment and annexed to the bill before Obama signed it, the new law's two main Democratic sponsors, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry and his House counterpart, Howard Berman, insisted that "the legislation does not seek in any way to compromise Pakistan's sovereignty, impinge on Pakistan's national security interests, or micro-manage any aspect of Pakistani military or civilian operations". Pakistan aid bill has explosive impact By Jim Lobe

BOOK REVIEW - On Indonesia's Islamic road My Friend the Fanaticby Sadanand DhumeThe writer of this timely travelogue crisscrosses Indonesia's archipelago, searching out the movers and shakers of a movement that aims to impose its intolerant version of Utopia on a fledgling democracy. It's a vivid, graceful and astute work, offering an inside look at the high toll politicized Islam exacts on Indonesia. - Ioannis Gatsiounis

Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol Launch "Keep America Safe": Check Out Their Logo - By Ateqah Khaki, Blog of Rights - It's as though they took the ACLU's logo and wrote the "Free" out of it, depicting America as a single-minded, fear-based Security State.

Get Out of Afghanistan Now - By G. Pascal Zachary - The case for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.

How to Have Sex Like a Virgin for Only 30 Bucks -Purity has its price: it's $29.90. At least that's how much it costs to obtain the "artificial virginity hymen," a plastic baggie filled with mysterious red crap meant to resemble the chaste secretions of a recently deflowered virgin.


“We know you, we’ll make you pay,” soldiers tell journalists in Guinea
Algerian journalist faces 16 politicised lawsuits
Three newspapers shut down in Iran
Government suspends VOA service in Puntland
Newspaper editor threatened over corruption coverage in Cameroon
Two reporters for foreign media in Guinea go into hiding after getting death threats
Moroccan paper closed amid increasing attacks on press
Online journalist harassed, threatened by pro-Kremlin organisation in Moscow
US. reporter faces 'insult' suit in Brazil air crash aftermath
TV crew violently attacked at a protest rally in Ukraine
Honduras shuts down Radio Globo and Canal 36 television
Mexican journalist who wrote against organised crime killed inside newsroom
In Yemen, still no news of critical journalist abducted by forces
Malabo correspondent of AFP and RFI completes 100 days in city jail
Nigerien editor charged with criminal libel over former minister
Veteran TV reporter shot dead in central Colombia
Supreme Court moves trial in Philippine attack


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