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Thursday, October 29, 2009

the sun is out

the sun is out
what is that supposed to mean?
just that...the sun is out
which by extension may mean
am trying small talk
or it may also mean
it is another day so we take
one day at a time
speaking of which
it is alleged to heal wounds
but then where are the wounds?
there is no bleeding, no clot

invisible scars on psyche
festering in slow motion
in the lava of chores
surfacing unexpectedly
burning, itching, nauseating
then disappearing in the cobwebs
of subterranean caves
impervious to the sun-balm

this small talk
of single steps
one day at a time
to dismantle an eternity
of festering wounds
flowing from bodies to bodies
from age to age, love to love
seems destined for ages


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