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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Pir of IslooSharif meets with the Pir of VaticanSharif - Did they discuss Ifti?

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy — The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI and the president of Pakistan discussed the need to end religious discrimination during a meeting at the papal summer retreat. Tensions have flared in recent months between Pakistan's Muslim minority and its religious minorities. In one case, eight Christians were burned to death by a Muslim mob after reports that a Quran had been desecrated. The Pir of IslooSharif meets with the Pir of VaticanSharif -

Much to the worry of the ruling elite particularly President Zardari, all their corruption and criminal cases were quashed because of the NRO after February 5, when as per the Supreme Court’s judgment, the NRO did not exist. ..“Only such rights, privileges, obligations, or liabilities would lawfully be protected as were acquired, accrued or incurred under the said Ordinances during the period of four months or three months, as the case may be, from their promulgation, whether before or after November 3, 2007, and not thereafter, until such ordinances were enacted as acts by Parliament with retrospective effect,” the Supreme Court ruled. The Supreme Court did not discuss the NRO in isolation but set the same principle for all ordinances that were covered under Musharraf’s PCO, now declared unconstitutional. In case parliament validates the NRO retrospectively (with effect from February 5, 2008) as per the judgment of the apex court, the Supreme Court also made it clear in the same judgment: “Needless to say that any validation whether with retrospective effect or otherwise, shall always be subject to judicial review on the well recognized principles of ultra vires, non-conformity with the Constitution or violation of the Fundamental Rights, or on any other available ground.” Ansar Abbasi

Will the last highlighted part also apply to all past and current power holders and politicians ~~t


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