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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Omar Khadr 'innocent' in death of U.S. soldier, SPIEGEL Interview with James Murdoch,

STAR EXCLUSIVE: Classified photos show Toronto-born Omar Khadr lying buried and hurt in a trench during a firefight in Afghanistan that killed a U.S. commando. His lawyers say that proves he couldn't have thrown the lethal grenade - Omar Khadr 'innocent' in death of U.S. soldier

SPIEGEL: In your youth you were the enfant terrible of the family: You quit your studies in Harvard, colored your hair blond, had a piercing and founded a hip-hop label. What remains of your rebellion today?

Murdoch: Let me answer it this way: We have always been rebellious. As a company, News Corp. was always the outsider, different from others. For example, when we moved our newspapers and the printing plant into this building here, it was not exactly in the center of the city. Also, BSkyB is not in the London city center, nor do we reside on the chic Corso in Rome. In Hong Kong, we are on the other side of the harbor. We are always the outsider, as a challenger who tries to be better and more efficient than the established players. What I want to say is this: The rebel in our family is the boss, and he's been that way since the 1950s. - SPIEGEL Interview with James Murdoch: 'News Corp. Has Always Been Rebellious'

Top Pak diplomat knew US LeT operatives: FBI

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