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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New doubt on US's Iran plant claim, Military pressure on Obama, Sex and security in Afghanistan

New doubt on US's Iran plant claim - Washington's charge that construction on Iran's second uranium-enrichment facility is part of a covert decision to violate its International Atomic Energy obligations is being questioned. Further analysis of satellite photos of the site suggests Iran is not in the wrong. - Gareth Porter

Why Is the Military Infringing on Obama's Decison-Making Turf? - By David Sirota - The debate over Afghanistan sharpens that question about who "the deciders" should be -- elected officials or the military?

Sex and security in Afghanistan - Apart from rollicking romps at the United States Embassy in Kabul, allegations have emerged of private security contractors in Afghanistan frequenting brothels notorious for housing trafficked women. - David Isenberg

Uyghurs face an education dilemma - The Uyghur ethnic group in China's Xinjiang province says the education system traps their children between minority and mainstream culture. Chinese-language schooling may offer better job prospects, while only minority schools teach traditional language, history and culture. - Paloma Robles

When Conservatives Attack! David Brooks Takes On Glenn Beck - By Ari Melber - Brooks: "Everyone is convinced that Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc, possess real power. And the saddest thing is that even Republican politicians believe it."

Book "Stranger to History": An ambitious cultural journey loses its way - Irfan Yusuf - We all inhabit the same planet, yet so often we hear phrases such as "the Muslim world" and "the Western world". Do such discrete entities indeed exist? Perhaps those best equipped to answer this question are those with one foot on either side of the divide. Aatish Taseer, a 29-year-old freelance journalist, author of the book "Stranger to History," and the son of an Indian Sikh mother and a Pakistani Muslim father, should have been such a person. That he isn't so is not entirely his fault. The two sides of Taseer's family share the culture and language of Punjab, a region in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent shared by India and Pakistan. Islam and Sikhism have inhabited Punjab's geographical and cultural space for centuries. Sikhism is indigenous to Punjab, while Punjabi Islam has adopted the cultural symbols of the land.

Manmohan's smile masks Indian woes - Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's rare relaxed manner at the Pittsburgh Group of 20 summit reflected well his own and India's growing international stature. At home, there is less to cheer, with vital mega-buck industrial projects bogged down amid opposition from marginalized citizens and Maoist militants. - Santwana Bhattacharya

SPENGLER : Obama's permanent depression - The toxic cocktail of fiscal stimulus combined with near-zero interest rates in the United States allows financial institutions to profit while further depressing the productive economy. The resulting deteriorating jobs market is now instilling panic in Barack Obama's White House. The parallels with Japan in 1989 are uncanny. Japan, though, had one advantage: it knew how to export. - Spengler


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