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Friday, October 30, 2009

nawwab and i: Teflon Hilary


t: It seems Hilary is on a charm offensive
N: She is on a trip to show who is the boss.
t: You mean President Zardari?
N: He is a poodle.
t: Prime Minister Gilani?
N: He is a under-study.
t: Gen. Ashfaque Kayani?
N: He is already on the payroll.
t: Then who, the Pakistani citizens?
N: They do know who is the boss.
t: That leaves Holbrooke.
N: Woof woof.


t: Did you watch her yesterday in Islamabad?
N: Her talk with the media big wigs?
t: Yes, what did you make of it?
N: She took their darts. Deflected most. Smiled a lot.
t: Your words summed it up well. The talk show hosts are still analyzing her.
N: Most of them need a valve job.
t: To let out hot air?
N: Woof woof.
t: Deflection?

N: McGuffin. Her statement about Al Qaeda.


t: She also said nobody is forcing Pakistan to accept the US aid.
N: And how many of the talk show hosts countered her with figures?
t: They are spending US5 billion per month in that un-winnable venture.
N: That is in Afghanistan only, and did anyone hear a peep for the 1.5 peanuts?
t: Zi(n)a had more balls
N: Don't you get me started on him. He is the father of Talibans.
t: But he is dead. They could only find his lower jaw.
N: Just because Hitler is dead you think there is no fascism?
t: Let us not go into Israel-Occupied territories. I concede.
N: There is only one way to solve it. Peace in the east, focus on the North West.
t: Take up Manmohan Singh and the glowing option?
N: Seal the Durand Line. Let them sort it out.
t: Can't be done. Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - too many countries to seal.
N: Then resurrect the Maliks and Sardars and govern them the old way.
t: Can't be done either, the Talibans have knocked them off.
N: Then roll over.
t: That is not a viable option either.
N: Then be prepared for mayhem, death and destruction.
t: Thanks for cheering me up this morning.
N: Let's go and checkout that hydrant.


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