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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Killing Spree, Take the Challenge, Iran's Saeed Jalili, A primer on Racism, Google Wave,

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladesh on Wednesday awarded a farmer who killed more than 83,000 rats and launched a monthlong campaign nationwide to kill millions more, to protect crops and reduce the need for food imports. Mokhairul Islam, 40, won a first prize of a color television for killing some 83,450 rats in the past nine months in Gazipur district near the South Asian country's capital, Dhaka. He collected their tails for proof. Bangladesh awards farmer who killed 83,000 rats

TAKE THE HATE TALK CHALLENGE! Match the Hate Quotes with the Hate Talker!
On the left hand column are the hateful quotes; on the right-hand column are the names of the hate talkers. Match the numbers with the letters. (And we confess, Rush Limbaugh is so bad he has more than one quote.)

SPIEGEL Interview with Iran's Chief Nuclear Negotiator: 'We Welcome New Sanctions'
Saeed Jalili, general secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council and the country's chief nuclear negotiator, talks to SPIEGEL about Iran's nuclear program, the prospects for this week's talks in Geneva and why Iran is not afraid of new sanctions.

A primer on the word racism. -By Richard Thompson Ford on politics - More than a few naive souls hoped that the election of Barack Obama signaled a new era of racial harmony. Instead, alas, American race relations have entered a bizarre new phase in which tension is ubiquitous and almost anyone can claim to be the victim of racism. Former President Jimmy Carter lamented that "there is an inherent feeling among many in the country that an African-American should not be president," in reaction to Rep. Joe Wilson's now-infamous outburst during President Obama's congressional address. Also of late, the Rev. Al Sharpton and many others cried racism over a tasteless New York Post cartoon, Cambridge police were accused of "racial profiling" after arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home, and Newsweek asked "Is Your Baby Racist?" And although conservatives have long complained of unwarranted accusations of racism, two of their henchmen, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, have been shamelessly playing the race card.

Google Wave beta testing begins - By Mercedes Bunz on Media
Browser-based tool that combines email, instant messaging and real-time collaboration could have impact on journalism Google Wave, a browser-based tool combines email, instant messaging and real-time interaction, is one of the most anticipated products to emerge this year. Today at 4pm BST the company will send out invitations to 100,000 users for further beta testing, including developers, people who signed up early and some users of Google Apps, it announced in a blog post.

The American Way of Dentistry: How dentists think. By June Thomas on the american way of dentistry - How dentists think.


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