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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jung artistry, Hola Hezbolah! Nawaz and Trust issues, Fidel Castro

Jung artistry - In Books - Carl Jung considered The Red Book, a grand, illuminated volume in which he nurtured his theories, his most important work. Until now, very few have seen it, but a new facsimile makes its visionary ideas available. Take a look

Hola, Hezbollah! - In late 2007, Sheikh Hassan al-Burji arrived in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, to become the senior mullah at the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad. Known to his flock of Lebanese Shiite traders as “Padre,” Hassan had spent all of his 28 years growing up in Lebanon and studying in an Iranian seminary. He had never been to South America.

Nawaz urges US to establish trust with Pakistan
* Has he established his trust? 5year, 8years, ten years and all the billions he acquired?
The way forward
* prescriptionfor stalemate
Hoti vows to protect life, property of every citizen
* Who is he? Has he heard of the TTP?
Sheikh Rashid rules out mid-term polls
* And who is he the new Election Commissioner?

'Why do people hate you? - 'Chaudhry Shujaat: (wearing dark glasses) "Ugah, mugah, wugah, Jerry Luger, Looter, wugah, ugha, mitti paao, ugah, mugah, phoomph!" Aziz Akhmad

A Nobel Prize For Evo Morales - By Fidel CastroIf Obama was awarded the Nobel for winning the elections in a racist society despite his being African American, Evo deserves it for winning them in his country despite his being a native and his having delivered on his promises


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