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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Headlines & Comments,

Didn't see Afghan torture memos: Harper
* Feigning innocence (read LYING)

Democracy 'not needed' in Russia
* We always suspected this

Saudi man sues over death of 'beautiful camel'
* Khuda jub tail deta hay....

Google takes on Amazon with book downloads
* As long as the authors get their royalties

‘Pak military can’t survive without US assistance’

* If he says so
Treating symptoms, not the disease

* mar'z baRhta gaya jooN jooN dawa ki
NRO tabled in parliament

*The fun begins

Zardari's sense of insecurity has been further aggravated by the looming vote in the parliament on the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) and the subsequent expected challenge of the ordinance in the Supreme Court. The tension is palpable and is reminiscent of the situation in March this year when Zardari committed the incredibly foolish act of dismissing the Punjab Government and having the Sharif brothers disqualified by the Dogar court. The danger now is that in his desperation Zardari might attempt another coup d'etat. Last March, the prime minister and the army chief joined hands in taking the country out of a cul de sac. This time Gilani is alone. The prospects do not look all that good. Asif Ezdi

Google takes on Amazon with book downloads By Bobbie Johnson on Technology
It already dominates the world of internet search and has plans to open the biggest digital library ever seen - but Google today took another step towards becoming the planet's most powerful information provider by announcing its plan to sell books online. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, the publishing world's biggest gathering of the year, the Californian company said it was preparing to launch Google Editions - a new scheme that will allow it to sell electronic copies of books over the web.

With the Americans refusing to take sides in any part of the conflict that doesn’t suit their own national interests, little incentive remains for the Pakistanis to construct a strategy that would leave them without options after American withdrawal. Morality and reason aside, it is difficult to trust an ally that refuses to take sides against your enemy and hence the tragic reality that in a contest for most hated enemy, India may still win. Rafia Zakaria


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