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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Headlines & Comments, Sharmeeli Dulhan, Iraqi Jootaywala, Where is Holbrooke?

Karzai endorses Afghan run-off election
* not endorse - backs-off, gives in, succumbs...
Where Is Richard Holbrooke?
Do you know how many Pakistani parliamentarians and cabinet ministers hold foreign nationalities, including our president? [ok this is not a headline - only a query Anjum Niaz asked] * more than half?
Cable operator gunned down
* widow-maker?
Haqqani wants multi-pronged US approach for Pakistan
* As in from Afghanistan, Iran, and India?
Pak-US crucial talks on energy crisis start today
* Would it not be fun if the power goes out?

After his return from four weeks of hibernation in London, Nawaz Sharif has made two statements which are insipid and repetitive.

1. The ongoing military operation in South Waziristan; is he for it, against it, or just neutral?
2. The increased terror activities, particularly suicide attacks on GHQ, the Police Training Centre in Lahore and at various locations in NWFP.
3. What position would the PML-N take on the NRO in parliament? Would it vote for it, against it, or abstain?
4. What plan of action does the PML-N have in mind as the KLB has now become law? Would he suggest to the government to reject the cost-free $7.5 billion aid to salvage country's honour? Remember, this aid is cost-free as it will not be paid back and doesn't bear a cent of interest.
5. In his two press talks Nawaz Sharif has pressed the nation to practise self-reliance but has not given any guidelines. He should spell out salient features of his self-reliance philosophy without waiting for the government reaction. Sharmeeli Dulhan

Geneva: Bush Shoe Thrower Gets Hero's Welcome By The Huffington Post News Editors - GENEVA — The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at President George W. Bush leaned back in his chair and soaked in the round of applause. This was not Baghdad or Damascus or Beirut. This was Geneva, where Muntadhar al-Zeidi was given a hero's welcome Monday far warmer than the subdued reception in his own homeland. "I am one of the victims of the occupation," al-Zeidi said at a press conference alongside two local politicians, repeating his allegations that he was severely tortured, including with electric shocks, during his nine months of Iraqi detention.

Where Is Richard Holbrooke? By The Huffington Post News Editors - We're in the midst of the biggest political crisis in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban government in 2001. Pakistan has launched a major offensive into the South Waziristan tribal area, a move that was preceded by a string of murderous terrorist attacks against Pakistani security forces. U.S.-Pakistani relations almost went thermonuclear over a U.S. aid bill that Pakistani military saw as a hammer against it.

Christopher Hitchens: Collision: Is Religion Absurd or Good for the World? - By Christopher Hitchens - Are our morals dictated to us by a supreme entity, or do discoveries made by science and reason make Atheism a natural conclusion? You decide.

Fauzia Burke: I'll Take a Community With That Book, Please! - General trade publishing is for everyone, yet there is no "everyone" out there. Readers are part of micro communities. They want good books, and they need publishers who will support their interests and passions.


Blogger Tao Dao Man said...

Good question; where is Holbrooke.
I would also like to know,--where is Zalmay Khalilzad. I have a funny feeling he will surface very soon.

October 21, 2009 2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the Pakistani leaders:
*Posses Green Card or US Citizenship
*Have bulk of their assets (Business and Properties) in US
*Bank Accounts in USA
*Children attending US Schools
*Have homes in US
*Visit US cities more often than the economy depleted areas of Pakistan
*Spend less that 30% of their time in Pakistan
*Claim that they are true patriots
*Complain about US "occupation" of Afghanistan

October 22, 2009 9:43 AM  

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