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Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Bombing scare keeps people away from mosques in Peshawar
* in the name of Allah....
ANP not involved in land grabbing, says Shahi Syed
* Absolutely, it is them people who grab land, not political parties
Cry, beloved Pakistan
* Roedad is neither the first nor the last person to utter this
The state of Pakistan needs to be reconstructed.
* But who is paying attention Dr. Mubashir Hasan?
The worst place for women—Rafia Zakaria
* Even worse than Soodi Rabia?
NRO will justify corruption in the country: Nawaz
* I have made my billions, corruption should stop
The last chance saloon
* Irfan is right about the demise

In order to protect the top beneficiaries of the NRO, the PPP-dominated National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice on Friday recommended extension of the highly controversial law to every citizen, ordinary or white collar criminals who could prove that they were politically victimised. NRO extended to benefit all, at all times [Correction not all times only as long as the present country and system lasts ~t]

The Senate’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice has five PPP members, two from PML-Q and one member each from MQM, PML-F, JUI-F, Jamat-e-Islami and PML-N. If NRO was to be laid before the committee, JUI-F and MQM would abstain from voting while PML-Q, PML-N and JI would vote against it. Even Mian Raza Rabbani of PPP has reservations over the ordinance. It may not be smooth sailing for NRO in Senate [aagaay aagay dekhiyay hota hay kia ~~t]

By surrendering his right protected under the stated government policy, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry seems to have subtly rejected the plot politics of Pakistan, which enables a select few influential groups to get the lion’s share in state resources, leaving nothing for the poor and the needy. Ansar Abbasi. [Any sumo moto action and ruling on banning this practice and taking back the plots already given?~~t]

Despite all these gadgets, why has Pakistan failed to prevent suicide bombings? A Pakistani in New York suggests that all major highways and roads must be monitored with a body check. "Our police are great at harassing couples by asking for their nikah namas, why don't they show the same level of efficiency and demand photo IDs from everyone?" Anjum Niaz


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