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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Headlines & Comments, Ayaan Hirsi ALi,

Pakistani Military Launches Ground Offensive into South Waziristan
* Allah hee Allah ker bhaiyya: Alah hee say der bhaiyya - Allan Fakir

"Clean, Safe and High-Value" Neighborhoods Are Nice Ways of Saying "White" Without Bringing Race into It
* (The headline says it all - no comments)

The 10 Most Notorius Sex Scandals in Hollywood History
* Only ten...?

Maldives cabinet makes a splash
* Isloo equivalent - a meeting in Waziristan?

US says Pakistan itself responsible for terror attacks on its soilAsian Tribune
* Misleading heading - Burns words were "Pakisatn is responsible..."

House Vote On Insurance Industry Antitrust Exemption Coming
* Tightening the screws for the Health Bill

The Most Annoying TV Characters Of All Time: Pick The Worst! (VIDEO)
* Whining Shahihd ... Liaquat fake- degreewala... Zaid red capwala?

Pope Calls For Action On World Hunger
* Roti for two rupees for everyone?


At the Sun Valley Writers' Conference, I heard Iranian American author Firoozeh Dumas challenge you on your point that, in Islam, the subjugation of women is a religious mandate, not a cultural one.

She stood up to say that none of the things that I was talking about had anything to do with Islam, that I was simply projecting my personal experiences on[to] Islam. That's a question that always upsets me. I simply gave her the facts, the evidence, the arguments. I said Sharia law is Islamic law; it's derived from the Koran. We see everywhere that it is applied [to] how women are treated. Firoozeh Dumas represents an enlightened, educated, modern, cosmopolitan woman -- most people with a Christian background who are on that level of development no longer defend Christianity in the same way that those who are born into Islam still defend it.

Do you regard yourself as an atheist?

Did God create man, or did man create God? I belong to the group who say man created God. I am comfortable to live without an outer force telling me what to do. I'd rather believe in human beings.


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