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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gaza Peace Protester, Gangs of Rio, Nero's Banquet Hall,

Take C.A.U.T.I.O.N.: The Ten Commandments of Cancer Prevention - Breast cancer and other cancers do have roots in environmental toxins, and we can learn to decrease our risk.

U.N. Investigator Presents Report on Gaza War - By By NICK CUMMING-BRUCE on International Criminal Court - Richard Goldstone reported to the United Nations Human Rights Council on 36 specific attacks in Gaza and a number on the West Bank and in Israel.

Gaza Peace Protester is Prisoner in Own Home - By Jonathan Cook - Nazareth - Nine months after he helped to organise protests against Israel's attack on Gaza, Samih Jabareen is a prisoner in his home in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, an electronic bracelet around his ankle to alert the police should he step outside his front door. The 40-year-old actor and theatre director is one of dozens of Arab political activists in Israel who have faced long-term detention during and since Israel's winter assault on Gaza in what human rights groups are calling political intimidation and repression of free speech by the Israeli police and courts.

The Gangs of Rio - Jon Lee Anderson on the gangs of Rio de Janeiro.

Make Love or Make War: Two Sides of the Israeli Coin - By Jim Miles - That Israel exists and has the power to continue existing is very much a fact. With a sophisticated military establishment including more than 200 nuclear weapons (at lowest estimates) there is no way Israel would stop existing as a state of some kind. The argument within Israel, minimally interpreted from a few written works, is how will Israel survive into the future along the lines of what kind of state will it be and how will that be achieved.

Nero's Rotating Banquet Hall Unveiled in Rome - AP on Roman Civilization - Archaeologists unveiled Tuesday what they think are the remains of Nero’s extravagant banquet hall, a circular space that rotated to imitate the Earth’s movement.

Jewish Author: Time to Boycott Israel - - By Stu Harrison - 'The war could have finished the day before I arrived', independent journalist and author Antony Loewenstein told ‘Green Left Weekly’ of his recent trip to the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza. His trip in July was months after the December-January war, in which more than 1400 Palestinian deaths were recorded. Gaza remains under a near-total land, sea and air blockade by Israel and Egypt.

U.S. Critic of Karzai Is Fired From U.N. Mission By NEIL MacFARQUHAR on Karzai, Hamid
Peter Galbraith was being recalled after a dispute over the handling of fraud allegations in the election.

Out From India’s Alleys, Gold Loans Gain Respect By VIKAS BAJAJ on collateral - A fast-growing segment of the lending industry serves the many Indians who lack paperwork to prove their income or collateral other than gold jewelry.


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