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Friday, October 16, 2009

Faux News does it again, Kurdistan, Taliban in Kunduz, Maoists in China,

Repeated Fox News segments reported that, in Bret Baier's words, "Republican lawmakers say the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, is trying to infiltrate Capitol Hill by placing interns in key positions," an allegation stemming from a right-wing book whose author has a history of making outrageous and anti-Islamic assertions and is published by WorldNetDaily, which has its own history of making outrageous allegations and inflammatory remarks. Moreover, the document that Republican Reps. Sue Myrick (NC), John Shadegg (AZ), Paul Broun (GA), and Trent Franks (AZ) cited as evidence of CAIR's alleged activities is stolen and does not support their claims. Fox trumpets CAIR conspiracy theory charges made by author with anti-Islam history

The 'other' Kurdistan seethes with rage - While Iraqi Kurdistan elects its own parliament and forges oil contracts independent of Baghdad, other ethnic Kurdish insurgents from Iran, Syria and Turkey are flooding into remote redoubts in the fearsome Qandil Mountains to battle nation-states that have persecuted them for decades. With Turkish warplanes above and Iranian artillery firing over the border, Asia Times Online traced a torturous path to speak with Kurdish guerrillas. - Derek Henry Flood

Taliban have a free ride in Kunduz - Once one of the most stable provinces in Afghanistan, parts of Kunduz are falling under Taliban control, so much so that the insugents ride around with impunity in captured police vehicles. The governor of Kunduz blames Pakistan for the emergence of the insurgents, while others point fingers at the United States. - Gul Rahim Niazmand

Maoists go on pilgrimage in China - Nepal's top Maoist leader and former prime minister, Prachanda, took time out on his trip this week to China to visit the birthplace of Mao Zedong. Prachanda has a deep-seated interest in original communist concepts, and in comparing them with present-day realities. Beijing is looking for a dependable ally in Kathmandu, and Prachanda believes his Maoists can take on this role, he tells Asia Times Online. - Dhruba Adhikary


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